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halloween(Basically. ;) )


If you didn’t already know this about me, I am a HUGE Halloween/Horror freakazoid year-round, but now is the time when I OFFICIALLY get to let my Spoopy Flag Fly!! :)


So, Happy October 1st, boils and ghouls…The Halloween Madness is only just gettin’ started ’round here!!!! ;) xoxoxoxo

oct wfddp

hp1 hp5 hp8







(PS- Thanks again, Super Tumblr Friend, for making me into Elvira!! You totally inspired me to make sure I do it for really real with these, and I must say “my” cleavage is frighteningly fab in these shots!!! ;) xoxoxoxo)

And Now for Something Completely Different…


Forgive me for taking a break from bad sex puns and gratuitous boobie shots for a minute, please, because I felt I needed to send out a very sincere, heartfelt “Thank You” to everyone who has written to me regarding the SuperKasey entry I posted around this time last year about my grandmother’s passing.

Today marked an official full year since I’ve been without her, and I went through and re-read some of your thoughtful comments and emails to help me deal with the the glass case of emotion I knew I’d be trapped in today. I remember how devastated I was at the time, and how it helped so much that so many of you were kind enough to share your own personal stories of coping with grief with me. It helped going through them again today, as I was truly able to spend less time focusing on the emptiness I feel without her here, and much more easily move on to remembering (and being truly grateful for) the amazingly wonderful times we had together.

So, thank you again to everyone who sent me kind thoughts and condolences during that super rough patch. I will never be able to accurately convey how much they meant to me.

Lots and lots of love,

Me :)

PS- In keeping with the tradition of posting the full sized versions of my IG pics here, I present you with this shot of my first-ever lingerie modeling shoot. ;)


That “bra” is a Botchie™ Original Design, and we shot this on location in her living room. (Looking at this takes me right back there, btw, which is totally my happy place!! :) ) As you can see, I have always been quite the master at striking a “sultry” pose, and apparently that’s still my go-to move:


(This one was taken over the weekend…You can’t deny I got dem mad modeling skillz, yo!! ;) ) xoxo

Throwback Thursday. :)

Hiya, homies! :) Here’s the uncensored (not that there is a whole lot to see here… ;) ) version of the #TBT pic I posted earlier…


If I’m not mistaken, this was a “plumbing” scene (hehe ;) ), and 100% based on this pic:


We totally nailed it, if I do say so myself. ;)  I’ve got a great idea for the sequel, too:

(Oh yes…That DEFINITELY needs to happen… ;) )

Here’s a bonus shot from my B.B.L.I.B/ “Mario vs. Peach” scene:

bblibI’m not too sure why I ever thought combining Peg Bundy hair with a Mystic tan was the look, but apparently I did at some point, so enjoy! ;) xo

Ooopsie!! :)

I didn’t mean to go a whole week without posting here! It’s been a crazy busy week, and then I got a lil sickish (nothing major…It happens even to Superheroes now and then ;) ). But I took a much-needed slacker day today, and soaked in a lovely salt bath for about an hour, and I am actually feeling amazing already!! (It’s crazy how good a lil’ wetness can feel… ;) )

Anyway, Happy #TataTuesday, Take Two!! :) Here’s the #FreeTheNipple version of the pic I posted on IG today (prepping for tub time… :) ):


And here’s a slightly less bewbful (but way more demonic ;) ) pic from the Eyegore Awards last weekend:


And, finally, here’s a post-yoga armpit-centric shot for my fellow fetishists out there. (I’m still planning to take some proper photos fer ya, but hopefully this’ll help hold you over for a bit… ;) ).


In non-me happenings, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the Gotham premiere.


I personally LOVED it!! It had a few undeniably silly moments, but I think that just added to the fun of it! It had a very comic book-y feel, and I cannot wait to see where they’re going to take things! :)

I really love good-guy Gordon, of course, but there’s no doubt that Penguin was a HUGE standout!!

peng1 peng2 peng3 peng4 peng5 peng6

(I wanna punch his dumb, evil face just looking at these… #JUSTICEFORFISHERMANDUDE!! ;) ) xoxo

Happy Tata Tuesday!! (Updated! :)


Hiya, homies! I decided today to start doing a lil’ thing around here called “Tata Tuesdays” in support of my ongoing Free The Nipple work. :) Since I have this fancy-schmancy site and I can do basically anything I want with it, I’ve decided to devote Tuesdays to focusing on #FTN by posting shots/vids that are completely bewb-centric. I’m gonna try to keep it creative and interesting (because how many times can you look at bewbs without getting bored, really? ;) ), so if you have any creative/fun ideas for Tata Tuesday shots (and from prior emails, I KNOW you do!!! ;) ), feel free to send ‘em my way so I can get busy posting (purely for equality’s sake, of course… ;) ). xoxoxo

PS- I found out today I get to play a stripper (odd… ;) ) in a movie starring Shane!!! I vow to get revenge (again!!) for all the shitty things he did to Rick!!! ;)


shane 2 shane5 shane6 shane(Spoilers, obviously, but you should totally be caught up at this point since it’ll be back on in just a few weeks…Yay!!! #TEAMNOTSHANE!! :) ) xo

UPDATE: Alas, Shane was not in the scene I shot, so he Rick’s Re-Revenge will have to be continued. ;) I did get to fall and bust my ass in front of Zac Efron a couple times, though! (My shoes were a bit too big & they didn’t want me to dance on the pole, so disaster ensued. ;) All that really got hurt, though, was my pride, so it was really just funny and Mr. Efron and the rest of the cast and crew were very sweet/adorable/understanding about it. :) Here’s a very serious-looking BTS shot of my stripper gear for ya. I had to take it quickly because they really didn’t smile upon anyone taking pics on set, but I figured for the sake of my Lois Lane-esque reporting duties I had to get at least one to share! ;) xoxo



Throwback Thursday.

This is from an early scene with Ricky White (and a cucumber, which is not pictured, sadly ;) ).


I do happen to have an artist’s rendering of said cucumber, though. It’s pretty spot on, I must say… ;) xoxoxo


(Thanks again for sending this, @James_Haith. You captured that cuke’s likeness to a tee!!! ;) <3)

PS- Here’s the uncensored version of the throwback pic I posted today on IG. I think it was on Playboy.com around the same as the aforementioned “salad” scene. ;) xo


“I Say Evolve, and Let The Chips Fall Where They May.”

Hi, homies!! I’ve officially put my SuperKasey blog on hold for now (this one was suffering, and there’s no reason I can’t post the same goofiness here, too :) ), so from now on this is gonna be my main (uncensored) posting place.

Friday the 13th 5 1

For the first official post of my “Nude Beginning” I’m going to post what I would’ve put up on my generally more tame SK blog: I got to hug Dita Von Teese!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!! First Lynda Carter, then Elvira, and now Dita…I’ve gotten to rub *ahem* “shoulders” with some of my favorite bewbs entertainers in the biz recently!! :)

Here’s us:


And here’s Dita during some of her performances:




Lucky me…She’s a goddesss!!!! <3 <3 <3

Also, here’s the uncensored version of the Supes throwback pic I posted on IG recently. I solemnly swear I’ll be more diligent about posting my censored/#FTN shots here for ya from now on. :)

sk21This was circa 2007-ish, I think…I was a lil more “petite” back then… ;) xoxo


Cloverfield. ;)

(If you get why I used that title, I owe you a thousand hugs for being so awesome. ;) )

Hiya, homies! It’s been a minute or two…Hope all is beautiful your way! :)

I haven’t had a chance to do any official nekkid and/or cosplay shoots lately, which is why I haven’t updated for a bit. I’ve been busy working on two small indie films (shockingly, I iz nekkid in those… ;) ), traveling for cons and family stuff (two of my favorite things), and otherwise just kicking as much of summer’s ass as possible. (And I’m not quite done with that yet…Summer can officially be over after Dragon Con, when it magically becomes Halloween season. ‘Til then it should expect another proper ass whoopin’ or two…


Take that, Summer, ya lil’ bizitch!! ;) ) #NotADork

I have some upcoming cosplay shoots on the books, but until those are done and post-able, here are some random not-so-nekkid shots for ya from a few of my summertime adventures. I’ll try to make sure I’m much less covered up for you next time… ;) ) xoxo



(These are from the “Denim Sheets are Comfy” series. ;) )

dpp5 dpp98 dpp4dpp6

(That was a super-quick, “MacGuyver”-ed cosplay I did for Scare LA, based on this gorgeous source material:


I really just played with the makeup and hair this go ’round. I’m working on the props, etc. to do a real, official Keres shoot ASAP. :) )

dpp8 dpp987 dpppp5

(This was a very spur-of-the-moment shoot on a roof I wasn’t allowed to be on during a very busy LA to NYC to LA to Vegas weekend a few weeks ago. I tried to get in as many shots as I could to share the gorgeousness of that light with you, but I got booted out very quickly and was only able to get a few “conservative” pics. The sky does look amazing though, so it was worth getting in a wee bit o’trouble for trespassing. ;) PS- How crazy is it that I have to censor the top pic in order to post it anywhere…Oh, the world. #FREETHENIPPLEALREADY ;) ) xoxoxo

Freeing The Nipple. :)

Had to post this to further demonstrate the absurdity of female nip censorship.

Here’s the “Spidey Bewb” pic I just posted on Instagram, in all it’s SFW glory. ;)


And here is the original (non-filtered, unfortunately ;) ) version.


First: Filters are awesome. :)

Second: Do you see how teeny tiny that bit o’nip is that’s showing?? I honestly thought it was my pinkie at first, but if I had posted it all #Free and clear it would be considered vulgar/indecent.

How does that make ANY sense??

Oh well…Just an observation. I’ll keep on doing my part to help #FreeTheNipple. :) xoxox