Happy Spider-Woman Day!!

spbAfter decades (seemingly ;) ) of senseless controversy about her Booty Shot variant cover, Spider-Woman #1 is FINALLY out for real now. :) I was hoping to do a shoot paying homage to Ms. Drew and her controversial curves but, alas, the Spidey suit I currently have just isn’t tight enough to pull it off properly. :(


(See? It’s super shiny, which is rad, but has way too much give to be properly Minara-esque…Though Mikey didn’t seem to mind so much… ;) )

This silly shot is about as close as I could come to emulating the Cover of Doom for now,


but I’m determined to give it another go with a different sort of material. (It’s probably gonna have to be latex or bodypaint…This sucka needs to be TIGHT!!!!!! :) ) In the meantime, here’s a vid that perfectly summarizes why I think all this hoopla has been so silly:

Preach it, Mr. Maddox!! :) Let’s all just chill and let Ms. Drew and her Spider-Booty be great, mmmkay?

After all…Spidey himself has never been a slouch in that department! ;) xoxo

Sometimes There’s Just So Much Beauty in the World…

tumblr_mm3jpn7Zs11s6zo7bo1_500Like last night for example…’Twas a thing of beauty, indeed. ;)



gronkgif6 gronkgif5






This is sincerely porn to me…







I know that not everyone appreciates an awesome Pats victory as much as I do, though, so I’m reposting this “torture porn” ;) shot to make up for not being able to contain my exxxtreme elation:


It still hurts my soul to look at this shot, but I think it’s only fair.

After all, nobody likes a gloater…

…see? ;) xoxo

PS- Color-Pats-vs-Colts

Couldn’t resist…My “penance” was totally worth it!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY PATS!!!!!!!!! ;) xoxo

I Was Halloween Spam! :)


halloweenad#TeeHee!! ;)

Apologies for the crappy cropping, but this was sent to me via Instagram, and you know how crop-happy they are. :) I didn’t see it ’til today (always behind with emails/DMs…always!!! ;) ), but I’m a sucker for anything Halloween-y (or silicone cock cage-y ;) ), so I thought this was cute/funny and figured I’d share. :) xoxo

PS- My “sexy” looks are always so dorky!!! :P


The Fool Who Went and…Ripped Her Pants. :)

Hiya, Homiebots! Halloween was AWESOME (you can read my more in-depth “report” on it here, if you’d enjoy) but, alas, it’s time to start moving on. (It’s almost time to get swept up in Christmas Craziness, after all…The second happiest time of the year!! ;) )

I’ve got a hodge podge of randomness for ya today, starting with a few pics from the Comikaze festivities last weekend. I don’t know why they always insist on having cons the same weekend as Halloween (SPREAD. THE. LOVE. PEOPLE!!!), but since this is one of my new faves, I made sure I went at least one day for some Comic Comradery. :) I was “Hipster Baroness”, btw. (My costume ripped square in the booty as I was heading out, so I remembered the wise words of Spongebob, and improvised. :) )

Here’s the wardrobe malfunction that inspired my look for the day:

ck12b(Note the ever-so-tasteful, Spongebob-approved safety pins…Also, Bayonetta…YAY!!!! :) )

And here are some of the awesome folks I met who didn’t split their pants that day (or hid it better than me if they did… ;) ):


(LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE these guys!!!!! <3)


(So freakin’ cute and insanely awesome all at the same time!!! :) )



(This guy was a real Dick…HA!!!!!!!! ;) )



(Double your Baroness pleasure! :) )


(Mr. Stan the Man, Ms. Wonder Woman, and I’m not sure who else. If anybody knows, please let me into the loop. I really just thought the colors were too pretty not to take a picture of. :) )


(Sometimes there’s just so much beauty in the world… *sniff* :) )


(Sittin’ in the Captain’s Chair: A gal could get used to that… ;) )

And, finally, a shot accurately depicting what’s going on in my head as I’m walking around a con floor (or anywhere, really ;) ):


(Yep. Basically. :) )

There are other shots up on Kinky Horror and IG, but since I basically struck the same freaking pose every single time (I guess that’s what Hipster Baronesses do, when they aren’t drinking Pabst, of course ;) ), I didn’t want to oversaturate you with my shameful sameness. Besides, I have other important things to cover in this post, such as introducing you to my new hero, Ms. Monique Anderson.

I saw this video she made the other day, and I instantly fell in <3333 with her straight-talkin’ ways.  I get asked ALL THE TIME if I think size matters, and my truthful answer is always, “It depends on the girl”. Here’s Ms. Monique to helpfully demonstrate why some folks really are #TeamLittleDick (though I, personally, am team #ICanMakeAnythingWork…just in case you were wondering. ;) )

(Preach it, Ms. Monique!!!! :) )

In somewhat less penis-related news, I had the pleasure of meeting/podcasting with the adorable Mr. Ming Chen this week. I am not gonna lie: I was totally intimated, as I think he’s a big ol’ bottle of awesome sauce, so I kinda forced my long time homie (and former Geek Rawk co-host) Don to do the podcast with me. Well, if you’re familiar with Don at all, you know he’s quite a talker (which has saved my shy, awkward ass many a’time, lemme tell ya!! ;) ), so I think it’s actually more accurate to say that Don was on Ming’s podcast this week. I kinda just giggled and sang the praises of the Daredevil movie when cued, but if you’re interested in that kinda thing, feel free to check it out.

Here we are after our group audition for the Sons of Anarchy spinoff… ;)


Last (and also least :) ), I present you with some gratuitous bewbage, as it’s been far too long since I’ve freed pinched the nipple up in these here parts… ;)


(I posted this shot on IG censored, just in case. I don’t think that counts as nipplage, but there are some uber conservative folks on there, and I don’t want to inadvertently offend anyone by having my bits and pieces flailing about. ;) )

Which reminds me…Thanks again to everyone who told me about the Chive’s ”Cleavage Hall of Fame” (lol :) ) thing this week…I’m honored that so many folks recognized my Stormtroopers. ;) xoxoxo

The Shape. ;)

Still in Super Halloween Exxxtravaganza Mode, but I vow to get back to my nekkid, cosplayin’ self as soon as this amazingly jammed-packed-with-awesomeness week has concluded. (Side note: It’s probably odd that I wait ’til after Halloween to work on my “real” costumes. ;) )

In the meantime, allow me to terrify you with the impromptu “Michelle Myers” I did in honor of a signing John Carpenter was doing at Golden Apple Comics this past weekend. (I figured you gotta wear something -unfortunately- so it might as well be fun! :) )






(It’s like they knew I was gonna be there… ;) )

Alas, between work/travel and that nerve-racking Panthers game, I was late and didn’t get to actually meet Mr. Carpenter. :( He still autographed my copy of Asylum, though, and I got to run around Hollywood scaring confusing folks with my MM getup. I also got to see The Tingler in “Pecepto Vision” and the Pats kicked everything that can possibly be consider to be ass, so all in all it was a rich, full day. ;) xoxo

PS- A lil’ more of The Shape for your Halloween merriment. :) xo

“Want a Date? Got Any Money?” ;)

Hiya, homies! I wanted to throw up these “Blondie” shots before I forgot, but I will be back here later to celebrate #TataTuesday with ya! :)

The nips aren’t free in these shots, I’m afraid, because I was actually working on a “legit” (meaning non-T&A-centric ;) ) short film and didn’t want to offend anyone with my public nekkidness. (There were a LOT of random passers-by gathered around to watch, even though it was 1 AM-ish. It made things super fun, though! :) )  I was happy the folks in charge were kind enough to let me film some goofy stills in between takes, so I didn’t want to force my bewbs on everyone. ;)

I gotta say I had SOOOOOOOOOO much fun being a blondie!! I seriously considered changing my hair for real, but I’ve tried it before and ended up with bright orange locks, then none at all!! :( (My hair literally fell out because it was so over processed…NOT a cute look!!! ;) ) Maybe one of these days I’ll grow the balls to give it another go, but in the meantime, happy fun wigs are a lot quicker/easier, so I’ll be sticking with those for now. ;)

And jic you don’t get my title reference, here ya go…

I was SOOOOO channeling Frankenhooker while I shot this. I HAVE to do a real homage to her very soon!! :) xoxoxo

circus-2 circus

circus-3 circus-6circus-9








PS- Just bc I love her so, here’s the uber-gorgeous Patty Mullen and me at Son of Monsterpalooza this year. <3 <3 <3


*swooooooooooooooooooon* :) :) :) xoxoxoxo

Goth-am City Siren. ;)

Hiya, Friendbots! :) Apologies for slacking off on my picture-posting duties, but it’s freaking October!!! I’ve been bonkers-busy trying to fit in worky stuff with all the magic and wonder of this glorious season. :)


(Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeah…That’s what I’m talkin’ about!! #FreeTheNipple, baby!! :) )

I do have a bunch of awesome new cosplay shots to share with you here ASAP, but in the meantime I do believe I owe you a #TataTuesday. ;) These are just some goofy shots taken quickly after a long day of “real” shooting. My makeup was a mess, and I was tired as heck, but because it was so dark and spoopy outside, I couldn’t resist playing Gotham City Siren for a minute (and I can never resist Freeing the Nipple when I’m posing… ;) ). Enjoy the Gothy Goofiness, Super Friends, and Happy Less-Than-Two-Weeks-Til-Halloween!!!!!!! *squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee* xoxoxoxoxo


(This one was when I was gettin’ glam, but the others are the “Goth-am Gal” aftermath. ;) ) xo






Good News/Bad News. ;)

I’ve got a lil’ bit of both for ya right now…

saupload_good_news_bad_news(Either way you get cookies, though, so how bad could it be? ;) )

First, Good News: Walking Dead is almost back…FINALLY!!!!!!


I am super fangirl giddy about The Grimes Gang’s return, so that was my inspiration for this week’s #FTN pic. I’ve (oh-so-cleverly ;) ) titled it “If Daryl Dies, We Riot”, and you can definitely mark my words on that, homies!!! ;) )



(Oh yeahhhhhhh…He ain’t goin’ nooooooooooooowhere!!!!!! ;) <3 <3 <3)

Bad News: I’ve been really, super, bonkers, crazy sick for the past two weeks. :(


(Yep…That’s a pretty accurate representation. ;) )

Not complaining, though…I’m feeling way better now, and I’m super grateful for that!! :) I only mention it because I don’t have anything new to share with you since I’ve literally been lying in bed every single minute of every single day of that time. (It was baaaaaad…Germs suck!! ;) ) I had to resched all my shoots, etc. and am slowwwwwwwly starting to get back on my feet again now. If all goes as planned, though, the nexxxt few weeks are going to be full of some Awesome Autumn Adventures, so I’ll have lots of lovely updates to share with you soon (which actually makes this Good News, I guess…Yaaaaay! :) )


Good News (Again :) ): Here are the bigger, less-censored versions of the IG pics I’ve posted this week. I even threw in a couple exxxtra booty shots for having been such a lame sicko and not having anything new to post at the moment. (I guess that could also be interpreted as Bad News, but I prefer being a glass-half-full kinda gal. ;) )


(With the lovely Shani Reid…I thought the Heart Frame was cute, so I kept it. :) )



(Working at the Car Wash for Wicked…This was about 2 years ago, I think. Before the Newbs, obviously. ;) )

fbb67A friend from back in South Carolina sweetly sent me a Blast-From-The-Past in the form of this CD this week. This was my very first modeling job (I think, but don’t quote me on that… ;) ), and it’s what gave me the courage to quit working as a waitress (which I was REALLY bad at…sorry to anyone I ever waited on!!! ;) ), and start up in the “adult” world. I’d always wanted to be part of the industry; I just lacked the confidence to actually expose myself that way. (HA! ;) ) My very first real “adult entertainment” job was at a (well, the, I guess ;) ) nude car wash in Charleston. It took me a while to gain the confidence to be a real, nighttime stripper ;) , which is what made that Wicked-ly wet shoot pop into my head…I had actually Car Washing Exxxperience when we shot that!! ;)

I didn’t post the front cover of that CD on IG, though, so behold the magic:


Yep…It’s an extreme closeup of my big ol’ booty. Cl-ASS-y!!! ;)  (Can you believe a bunch of my old SC homies thought I’d actually gotten a real tattoo om my butt when this was released? Oh, we were so naive and innocent back in those days… ;) )

Good News: I found a really great charity that helps kids in need get Halloween costumes (and, yes, that is a VERY important need in my book!!! :) ). I posted about it in detail here, but if you’re interested in going straight to the source to spread some Halloween Love ASAP, please go check ‘em out here. I’ve only had a wee bit of communication with these awesome WeenDream folks thus far, but I love everything about their organization and hope they get all the help they need to give as many kids as possible an amazingly unforgettable Halloween! :)


Speaking of happy fun causes for kiddies, I was reminded yesterday that Extra Life happens this month, too! I feel so bad for having overlooked this great cause recently, so I decided to go ahead and dive right back in to try and make up for my previous lameness. I’ve set a modest fundraising goal of $500, because I figured that won’t make me feel pressured to bug people who can’t/aren’t into it to donate, but still helps out the LA Children’s Hospital a decent bit. :)


If you can/want to sponsor my personal Exxxtra Life efforts (sorry…couldn’t resist ;) ), here’s my profile link, and I thank you soooo much for giving a darn!! :) If you want to volunteer or start a team yourself, just go to the site and register, and you’ll be good to game! :) Let me know if you’re involved, btw, so I can show some support to my fellow Gaming Do-Gooders! ;)


Big hugs, and Happy Walking Dead Week, Super Friends! I’ll have some (healthy :) ) updates for you very soon!!


(Rick is VERY excited about that… ;) ) xoxoxo




tumblr_n7dp2bIAxY1rdfgw4o1_r1_500 tumblr_nbcc990KtC1s2wio8o1_400 tumblr_lswief1mIY1qiq5ujo1_500

halloween(Basically. ;) )


If you didn’t already know this about me, I am a HUGE Halloween/Horror freakazoid year-round, but now is the time when I OFFICIALLY get to let my Spoopy Flag Fly!! :)


So, Happy October 1st, boils and ghouls…The Halloween Madness is only just gettin’ started ’round here!!!! ;) xoxoxoxo

oct wfddp

hp1 hp5 hp8







(PS- Thanks again, Super Tumblr Friend, for making me into Elvira!! You totally inspired me to make sure I do it for really real with these, and I must say “my” cleavage is frighteningly fab in these shots!!! ;) xoxoxoxo)