Cloverfield. ;)

(If you get why I used that title, I owe you a thousand hugs for being so awesome. ;) )

Hiya, homies! It’s been a minute or two…Hope all is beautiful your way! :)

I haven’t had a chance to do any official nekkid and/or cosplay shoots lately, which is why I haven’t updated for a bit. I’ve been busy working on two small indie films (shockingly, I iz nekkid in those… ;) ), traveling for cons and family stuff (two of my favorite things), and otherwise just kicking as much of summer’s ass as possible. (And I’m not quite done with that yet…Summer can officially be over after Dragon Con, when it magically becomes Halloween season. ‘Til then it should expect another proper ass whoopin’ or two…


Take that, Summer, ya lil’ bizitch!! ;) ) #NotADork

I have some upcoming cosplay shoots on the books, but until those are done and post-able, here are some random not-so-nekkid shots for ya from a few of my summertime adventures. I’ll try to make sure I’m much less covered up for you next time… ;) ) xoxo



(These are from the “Denim Sheets are Comfy” series. ;) )

dpp5 dpp98 dpp4dpp6

(That was a super-quick, “MacGuyver”-ed cosplay I did for Scare LA, based on this gorgeous source material:


I really just played with the makeup and hair this go ’round. I’m working on the props, etc. to do a real, official Keres shoot ASAP. :) )

dpp8 dpp987 dpppp5

(This was a very spur-of-the-moment shoot on a roof I wasn’t allowed to be on during a very busy LA to NYC to LA to Vegas weekend a few weeks ago. I tried to get in as many shots as I could to share the gorgeousness of that light with you, but I got booted out very quickly and was only able to get a few “conservative” pics. The sky does look amazing though, so it was worth getting in a wee bit o’trouble for trespassing. ;) PS- How crazy is it that I have to censor the top pic in order to post it anywhere…Oh, the world. #FREETHENIPPLEALREADY ;) ) xoxoxo

Freeing The Nipple. :)

Had to post this to further demonstrate the absurdity of female nip censorship.

Here’s the “Spidey Bewb” pic I just posted on Instagram, in all it’s SFW glory. ;)


And here is the original (non-filtered, unfortunately ;) ) version.


First: Filters are awesome. :)

Second: Do you see how teeny tiny that bit o’nip is that’s showing?? I honestly thought it was my pinkie at first, but if I had posted it all #Free and clear it would be considered vulgar/indecent.

How does that make ANY sense??

Oh well…Just an observation. I’ll keep on doing my part to help #FreeTheNipple. :) xoxox


Happy Birthday, (Real) Batman!! :)


Yesterday marked the glorious 25th anniversary of Batman ’89 (featuring my personal favorite live-action Batman, aka Michael Freakin’ Keaton aka The “Real” Batman :) .


I wanted to do a quick, sexxxified shoot for ya in honor of Bats’s special day, but since I’m a bit under the weather (and trust me…ain’t nobody wantin’ to see me a’shootin’ like this!! ;) ), you’ll have to settle for this tease-y clip of me and some of my favorite Batgear instead. (At least till I’m feeling well enough to get all Barbara Gordon/Selina Kyle up in here!! :) )


That’s the flawlessly improvised beginning to a foot-fetish scene I did about a year ago, if you were wondering. (And, yes, I have ABSOLUTELY gotten off to comic books IRL, jic you were wondering that, too. :) ) I asked the folks who filmed it for permission to post the whole thing, so hopefully that’ll be up here very soon.  Til then, here’s a super-salacious preview shot for ya:


(I DARE you to try to contain yourself after that enticing bit of erotica… ;) )


“BAT-SPLAT!!!!!” Cumming soon to a porn site near you… (Hopefully. ;) )

HAPPY 25th, Batsy!! You’ll always be my first…


even though Supes will always be my favorite. ;) xoxoxo



I Heart Quickies!! :)

It recently occurred to me (thanks to Jason!! :) ) that not everything I post here has to be a complete photo set. (This Ain’t Brazzers XXX, after all. ;) ) I have so much bewbage love to share, it’ll be way more fun to just pop on quickly here and there and take a moment to #FREETHENIPPLE, instead of always  feeling like I have to be so formal and fancy-like. :)

In the spirit of the quickie, here’s a couple of post-Friday 13th BTS shots  from the other day. I was trying my best to get purdified for a shoot promoting an indie film I was part of, but I just could not get all the blood out of my hair. To me, that’s not a bad problem to have, (I kinda dug it that way ;) ), but I guess  there are some occasions where the “Gore Whore” look is just not appropriate… ;) xoxo

bwbts bwbts2

Holy Brain Fart, Batman…

And “holy” all these other things, too!! ;)

Have I really not posted anything here since my Game of Bones (that still gets a “HA!!” from me ;) ) shoot? Lameness!! I’ve been shooting so much…I guess it just seems like things get posted automatically the way actual porny-porn stuff does. I realize that makes zero sense, though, and I need to remember that if it is to be, it’s up to me! (Words to live by, especially regarding nekkid blogging. ;) )

I have LOTS of happy fun pic updates for you, which I promise to post, posthaste! (Including nekkid-er versions of these geekified get-ups… ;) )spideyay vaderbewbs2


In the meantime, though, I really just wanted to post a very sincere “THANK YOU!!!!” to all the wonderful folks who sent me such sweet birthday wishes, cards, vids (and not just the “whackin’ it” kind!! ;) ). Hopefully I’ve already replied to everyone personally but, as we know, I’m not the most organized reporter on the Daily Planet, so I may have inadvertently missed some folks. If I did, PLEASE lmk ASAP, as I absolutely 100% appreciate anything anyone takes the time to send me, and I’d never want anyone to mistakenly think otherwise. :)

Also, as scared as I am to bring this up again ;) , I’d like to remind folks that in lieu of any wish list-type gifty stuff, if you feel like sending/doing a lil something extra, my Superhero Deeds reward system (of sorts) is still on the table…


I know things went a lil bonkers when I randomly started doing the Holiday Heroes donation program last year, but I have absolutely learned from my mistakes, and have a much better system worked out now! (Hopefully!! ;) )

In a quick nut(shell ;) ), I was trying to do too many customized vids to say “thank you” to everyone individually, because I wanted each person who helped out to know how much I truly appreciated their charitable work/donations. That was really, really, REALLY time-consuming, though, and I got super behind and…well, let’s not go over the dirty details of my defective donation endeavors again. (Please!!! ;) ) Now I know it kinda just has to be “thank you” panties and a DVD (both signed, of course), which I hope is an ample way of saying “thanks” to all of you awesome folks who go out of your way to help people in need. :)

I will put up a new perma-page on here with all the details on how to participate in my “Philanthro-Panty Project” (that’s just a working title ;) ) within the next couple days, so please check it out if you’d enjoy getting a cheeky (get it? ;) ) “thanks so much” treat in exchange for helping make the world a slightly smilier place. :)

Til then, thanks again for all the beautiful birthday wishes!! It really means a lot to me that people care enough to do sweet stuff like that!! :) xoxoxo





Game of Bones (HA! ;)


Howdy, homies! :) In today’s edition of Nearly Nekkid Cosplay, I present you with a set I lovingly refer to as, “Melon-Sandre”. (Get it?? #klebberness ;)) Here are a few samples of the pics I used for styling inspiration:




It took a wee bit longer to post these than I would’ve liked, primarily because I was hoping to include some cool nighttime/fire-y pics. Alas, it’s taking forever to get that part of the shoot set up, so I figured I’d just go ahead and post what I’ve got for now. (The “Smoke Baby” tribute shot is going to have to wait ’til next time, regrettably. ;) )


I love Melisandre on the show (played by the extremely lovely Carice van Houten), but without the aid of fire effects I really didn’t know how to properly portray her in mere photos. So, I ended up with a whole bunch of shots of The Red Priestess glaring and/or looking upwards. :) Hopefully the costume and photography (and bewbage ? ;) ) are enough to make these at least passably interesting for now. Next time I solemnly swear to R’hllor, the Lord of Light and source of all good, to bring in human sacrifices (or something else equally as happy and fun ;) ) for his (and your :) ) viewing enjoyment.

For now, though, I offer you these… :)










(That last one may or may not be me…Hard to keep track of these things sometimes. ;) ) xoxoxo

Finally…Completed Zombie Tramp Shots :)

Hopefully this is just the first ZT shoot of many, as I love this character/book, and have a jillion more ideas for her!! :) A lot of these I posted already, but I guess they are in HD or whatever now, for you photo Nazi-types who are into that sorta thing… ;)

Big thanks and hugs to my perma-WCW, Ms. Rannie-Ann Rodil at for being so amazingly awesome and helping me make these so purdy. Definitely hope to work together again very, soon, beautiful lady!! xoxo

Without further ado, I give you Mutilated Me as Janey Belle, aka “Zombie Tramp.” :) xoxoxo





PS- Mr. Flush Gorden was kind enough to let me know that The Chive got ahold (and apparently approves :) ) of my Stormtrooper Pasties IG shot. :) I don’t dare venture over there myself because some of those Chivers can be kinda mean (who needs that? :) ), but if you feel like taking a gander, here’s the link: (Scroll down to 34.) Here it is again, for those who consider clicking links to be too much work… ;) (It’s understandable. :) )


Thanks again for lmk, Big G!! I have may more Star Wars pasties, so perhaps I’ll shoot the sequel soon! (And stand a lil’ straighter this time…That’s still buggin’ me!! ;) xoxo


Just Stopping by to Say Hello…

since I’ve been slackin’ around here the past couple weeks. :)

I’m sincerely working my bootay off on a lot of awesome/new/great/fun stuff I can’t wait to share with you!! :) For now, though, you’ll have to settle for this same ol’ Poison Ivy tribute shot I already posted on Instagram (sorry to be repetitive, but this shoot was for a specific site, so I have to see which ones they choose to use before I post ‘em all about, willy-nilly-like ;) and an oldie but goodie of me & one of my favorite ladies, Ash Hollywood, saying “hello” to each other in a very friendly way (for no real reason…I just like it ;) ).

Also, here’s the link to an interview I did with Couple’s Corner, if you’re interested in that whole “reading” thing. ;)

Giant hugs, my Super Hung Heroes!! ;) xoxo

sen5 ashme