Freeing The Nipple. :)

Had to post this to further demonstrate the absurdity of female nip censorship.

Here’s the “Spidey Bewb” pic I just posted on Instagram, in all it’s SFW glory. ;)


And here is the original (non-filtered, unfortunately ;) ) version.


First: Filters are awesome. :)

Second: Do you see how teeny tiny that bit o’nip is that’s showing?? I honestly thought it was my pinkie at first, but if I had posted it all #Free and clear it would be considered vulgar/indecent.

How does that make ANY sense??

Oh well…Just an observation. I’ll keep on doing my part to help #FreeTheNipple. :) xoxox


Happy Birthday, (Real) Batman!! :)


Yesterday marked the glorious 25th anniversary of Batman ’89 (featuring my personal favorite live-action Batman, aka Michael Freakin’ Keaton aka The “Real” Batman :) .


I wanted to do a quick, sexxxified shoot for ya in honor of Bats’s special day, but since I’m a bit under the weather (and trust me…ain’t nobody wantin’ to see me a’shootin’ like this!! ;) ), you’ll have to settle for this tease-y clip of me and some of my favorite Batgear instead. (At least till I’m feeling well enough to get all Barbara Gordon/Selina Kyle up in here!! :) )


That’s the flawlessly improvised beginning to a foot-fetish scene I did about a year ago, if you were wondering. (And, yes, I have ABSOLUTELY gotten off to comic books IRL, jic you were wondering that, too. :) ) I asked the folks who filmed it for permission to post the whole thing, so hopefully that’ll be up here very soon.  Til then, here’s a super-salacious preview shot for ya:


(I DARE you to try to contain yourself after that enticing bit of erotica… ;) )


“BAT-SPLAT!!!!!” Cumming soon to a porn site near you… (Hopefully. ;) )

HAPPY 25th, Batsy!! You’ll always be my first…


even though Supes will always be my favorite. ;) xoxoxo



I Heart Quickies!! :)

It recently occurred to me (thanks to Jason!! :) ) that not everything I post here has to be a complete photo set. (This Ain’t Brazzers XXX, after all. ;) ) I have so much bewbage love to share, it’ll be way more fun to just pop on quickly here and there and take a moment to #FREETHENIPPLE, instead of always  feeling like I have to be so formal and fancy-like. :)

In the spirit of the quickie, here’s a couple of post-Friday 13th BTS shots  from the other day. I was trying my best to get purdified for a shoot promoting an indie film I was part of, but I just could not get all the blood out of my hair. To me, that’s not a bad problem to have, (I kinda dug it that way ;) ), but I guess  there are some occasions where the “Gore Whore” look is just not appropriate… ;) xoxo

bwbts bwbts2

Holy Brain Fart, Batman…

And “holy” all these other things, too!! ;)

Have I really not posted anything here since my Game of Bones (that still gets a “HA!!” from me ;) ) shoot? Lameness!! I’ve been shooting so much…I guess it just seems like things get posted automatically the way actual porny-porn stuff does. I realize that makes zero sense, though, and I need to remember that if it is to be, it’s up to me! (Words to live by, especially regarding nekkid blogging. ;) )

I have LOTS of happy fun pic updates for you, which I promise to post, posthaste! (Including nekkid-er versions of these geekified get-ups… ;) )spideyay vaderbewbs2


In the meantime, though, I really just wanted to post a very sincere “THANK YOU!!!!” to all the wonderful folks who sent me such sweet birthday wishes, cards, vids (and not just the “whackin’ it” kind!! ;) ). Hopefully I’ve already replied to everyone personally but, as we know, I’m not the most organized reporter on the Daily Planet, so I may have inadvertently missed some folks. If I did, PLEASE lmk ASAP, as I absolutely 100% appreciate anything anyone takes the time to send me, and I’d never want anyone to mistakenly think otherwise. :)

Also, as scared as I am to bring this up again ;) , I’d like to remind folks that in lieu of any wish list-type gifty stuff, if you feel like sending/doing a lil something extra, my Superhero Deeds reward system (of sorts) is still on the table…


I know things went a lil bonkers when I randomly started doing the Holiday Heroes donation program last year, but I have absolutely learned from my mistakes, and have a much better system worked out now! (Hopefully!! ;) )

In a quick nut(shell ;) ), I was trying to do too many customized vids to say “thank you” to everyone individually, because I wanted each person who helped out to know how much I truly appreciated their charitable work/donations. That was really, really, REALLY time-consuming, though, and I got super behind and…well, let’s not go over the dirty details of my defective donation endeavors again. (Please!!! ;) ) Now I know it kinda just has to be “thank you” panties and a DVD (both signed, of course), which I hope is an ample way of saying “thanks” to all of you awesome folks who go out of your way to help people in need. :)

I will put up a new perma-page on here with all the details on how to participate in my “Philanthro-Panty Project” (that’s just a working title ;) ) within the next couple days, so please check it out if you’d enjoy getting a cheeky (get it? ;) ) “thanks so much” treat in exchange for helping make the world a slightly smilier place. :)

Til then, thanks again for all the beautiful birthday wishes!! It really means a lot to me that people care enough to do sweet stuff like that!! :) xoxoxo





Game of Bones (HA! ;)


Howdy, homies! :) In today’s edition of Nearly Nekkid Cosplay, I present you with a set I lovingly refer to as, “Melon-Sandre”. (Get it?? #klebberness ;)) Here are a few samples of the pics I used for styling inspiration:




It took a wee bit longer to post these than I would’ve liked, primarily because I was hoping to include some cool nighttime/fire-y pics. Alas, it’s taking forever to get that part of the shoot set up, so I figured I’d just go ahead and post what I’ve got for now. (The “Smoke Baby” tribute shot is going to have to wait ’til next time, regrettably. ;) )


I love Melisandre on the show (played by the extremely lovely Carice van Houten), but without the aid of fire effects I really didn’t know how to properly portray her in mere photos. So, I ended up with a whole bunch of shots of The Red Priestess glaring and/or looking upwards. :) Hopefully the costume and photography (and bewbage ? ;) ) are enough to make these at least passably interesting for now. Next time I solemnly swear to R’hllor, the Lord of Light and source of all good, to bring in human sacrifices (or something else equally as happy and fun ;) ) for his (and your :) ) viewing enjoyment.

For now, though, I offer you these… :)










(That last one may or may not be me…Hard to keep track of these things sometimes. ;) ) xoxoxo

Finally…Completed Zombie Tramp Shots :)

Hopefully this is just the first ZT shoot of many, as I love this character/book, and have a jillion more ideas for her!! :) A lot of these I posted already, but I guess they are in HD or whatever now, for you photo Nazi-types who are into that sorta thing… ;)

Big thanks and hugs to my perma-WCW, Ms. Rannie-Ann Rodil at for being so amazingly awesome and helping me make these so purdy. Definitely hope to work together again very, soon, beautiful lady!! xoxo

Without further ado, I give you Mutilated Me as Janey Belle, aka “Zombie Tramp.” :) xoxoxo





PS- Mr. Flush Gorden was kind enough to let me know that The Chive got ahold (and apparently approves :) ) of my Stormtrooper Pasties IG shot. :) I don’t dare venture over there myself because some of those Chivers can be kinda mean (who needs that? :) ), but if you feel like taking a gander, here’s the link: (Scroll down to 34.) Here it is again, for those who consider clicking links to be too much work… ;) (It’s understandable. :) )


Thanks again for lmk, Big G!! I have may more Star Wars pasties, so perhaps I’ll shoot the sequel soon! (And stand a lil’ straighter this time…That’s still buggin’ me!! ;) xoxo


Just Stopping by to Say Hello…

since I’ve been slackin’ around here the past couple weeks. :)

I’m sincerely working my bootay off on a lot of awesome/new/great/fun stuff I can’t wait to share with you!! :) For now, though, you’ll have to settle for this same ol’ Poison Ivy tribute shot I already posted on Instagram (sorry to be repetitive, but this shoot was for a specific site, so I have to see which ones they choose to use before I post ‘em all about, willy-nilly-like ;) and an oldie but goodie of me & one of my favorite ladies, Ash Hollywood, saying “hello” to each other in a very friendly way (for no real reason…I just like it ;) ).

Also, here’s the link to an interview I did with Couple’s Corner, if you’re interested in that whole “reading” thing. ;)

Giant hugs, my Super Hung Heroes!! ;) xoxo

sen5 ashme


Happy Day After President’s Day!!!


Or, Happy Belated Valentine’s Day, if you want to be unpatriotic about things. ;)

Thank you so much for all the sweet notes/pics of you guys with your JLA Valentines!! It makes me so incredibly happy to know that I was able to make so many of you happy (kinda like when you send me your “Whacking It In Appreciation” vids, but I digress ;) ).

Here’s one last Valentine for everyone (til next year, of course, when I start smothering you with luv n’stuff all over again ;) ), and the uncensored/bigger versions of my Valentine’s Day impromptu semi-shoot for ya, as promised. (I really was just trying to find a not-so-boring way to show off my Horror Decor pillow, and they inadvertently ended up looking kinda cute. :) )









Hugs, love, and lots of Sexxxy Abe Lincoln to all! ;) <3 <3 xoxoxox