Finally…Completed Zombie Tramp Shots :)

Hopefully this is just the first ZT shoot of many, as I love this character/book, and have a jillion more ideas for her!! :) A lot of these I posted already, but I guess they are in HD or whatever now, for you photo Nazi-types who are into that sorta thing… ;)

Big thanks and hugs to my perma-WCW, Ms. Rannie-Ann Rodil at for being so amazingly awesome and helping me make these so purdy. Definitely hope to work together again very, soon, beautiful lady!! xoxo

Without further ado, I give you Mutilated Me as Janey Belle, aka “Zombie Tramp.” :) xoxoxo





PS- Mr. Flush Gorden was kind enough to let me know that The Chive got ahold (and apparently approves :) ) of my Stormtrooper Pasties IG shot. :) I don’t dare venture over there myself because some of those Chivers can be kinda mean (who needs that? :) ), but if you feel like taking a gander, here’s the link: (Scroll down to 34.) Here it is again, for those who consider clicking links to be too much work… ;) (It’s understandable. :) )


Thanks again for lmk, Big G!! I have may more Star Wars pasties, so perhaps I’ll shoot the sequel soon! (And stand a lil’ straighter this time…That’s still buggin’ me!! ;) xoxo


Just Stopping by to Say Hello…

since I’ve been slackin’ around here the past couple weeks. :)

I’m sincerely working my bootay off on a lot of awesome/new/great/fun stuff I can’t wait to share with you!! :) For now, though, you’ll have to settle for this same ol’ Poison Ivy tribute shot I already posted on Instagram (sorry to be repetitive, but this shoot was for a specific site, so I have to see which ones they choose to use before I post ‘em all about, willy-nilly-like ;) and an oldie but goodie of me & one of my favorite ladies, Ash Hollywood, saying “hello” to each other in a very friendly way (for no real reason…I just like it ;) ).

Also, here’s the link to an interview I did with Couple’s Corner, if you’re interested in that whole “reading” thing. ;)

Giant hugs, my Super Hung Heroes!! ;) xoxo

sen5 ashme


Happy Day After President’s Day!!!


Or, Happy Belated Valentine’s Day, if you want to be unpatriotic about things. ;)

Thank you so much for all the sweet notes/pics of you guys with your JLA Valentines!! It makes me so incredibly happy to know that I was able to make so many of you happy (kinda like when you send me your “Whacking It In Appreciation” vids, but I digress ;) ).

Here’s one last Valentine for everyone (til next year, of course, when I start smothering you with luv n’stuff all over again ;) ), and the uncensored/bigger versions of my Valentine’s Day impromptu semi-shoot for ya, as promised. (I really was just trying to find a not-so-boring way to show off my Horror Decor pillow, and they inadvertently ended up looking kinda cute. :) )









Hugs, love, and lots of Sexxxy Abe Lincoln to all! ;) <3 <3 xoxoxox


Just got back some of Zombie Tramp cosplay shots…Sorry if I’m over-posting them everywhere, but I LOVE them!!! (Not because of me, of course…Because I love ZT and am so happy the makeup, etc worked out so well!! I think we were able to do her at least some justice…Yay!!! :) )

zt21zt7 zt1

Just as a reminder, this is the awesomely awesome chick who shot these for me.


I sincerely love her, and hope we get to do some more super fun shoots like this very soon! She is amazing!! :)

And…just in case you aren’t familiar with Zombie Tramp (yet ;) ), here ya go:


She’s beeeeeeeeeeeeautiful!! <3 <3 <3

IT BURNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First, something weird is up with both my SuperKasey site and my Instagram page. I think some mean anti-Pats person might be trying to exact cyber revenge on me for letting my Brady love shine as a beacon of hope for all mankind. (That MUST be it…Knock it off, will ya, Mr. Manning?? ;) ) I’ve got my P.I.H. (Partner In Heroism, aka Mr. Flush Gorden) helping me with SK, and for now IG is set on private, but hopefully the Legion of Online Doom will be defeated and things will go back to normal very shortly. (And thanks very much again to everyone who made me aware of this annoying situation :) ).

The most regrettable part of this silliness is that not many people got to hear about my Super Stupid Bowl offer before my other site crashed. :( That makes the choosin’ part of it easier, at least, so Defcon Dan (aka the biggest Pats fan EVER!!! ;) ), congrats, homie. Like I said, I feel I owe you after I wasn’t able to follow through on my promise to send some Lynda Carter goodness your way. So, go, enjoy yourself, and I’m just going to happily stay here and hibernate ’til next season. ;) Good times for all!!! :)

In another bit of Patriots-related unfortunate-ness, I have to follow through on a stupid, stupid bet I made and post this stupid, stupid pic here. My skin is still burning from the evil of having that filthy lie inked upon my chest, but a bet’s a bet, I guess, so enjoy, anti-Pats evildoers!!!!


And just so the truth remains clear, I’m going to post this epic short film I made again here for all to enjoy…My Pats (and Panthers :) ) love shall not be silenced!!!

(Don’t worry, Tom Brady Puppet…You know the truth, and I shall make it my sworn duty to protect you from Pats haters everywhere with my Fist of Fandom!! :) )


Now, if you will excuse me, I’m off to nap for about 8 months or so… :P




Have a Very Safe and Happy New Year’s Eve!! :)

I’m heading to Vegas first thing in the AM, so I probably won’t have time to check in again until next year (ha!! :) ). I hope everyone has a super amazing NYE, though, and an even better new year. :) I’ll post festive happy Nude Year (ha!, part 2 :) ) pics for ya upon my return, but for now you get Catwoman. :)

catwoman_happy_new_year_by_weaselguy (1)


Happy New Year, homies!!! :) xoxoxoxo

Merry Christmas!! :)


Happy Holidays, Homies and Whovians! ;) Hope everyone is having a very Merry Christmas, despite Matt Smith’s official departure today. :(

I probably shouldn’t even be writing right now because I’m still trying to recover from the Christmas episode. I’ve been making goofy fangirl pics since it ended to help ease the pain a bit. (That’s a totally normal thing for a grown-ass woman to do, right? ;) ) Here’s an example of my “art”:


Yes, I’ve been crying, and yes, I really took time out of my Christmas festivities to do this…DON’T JUDGE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

Anyhoo…To help keep your Christmas spirit (and maybe some other fun things ;) ) up during these trying, Smith-less times, here’s a lil Happy Holidays throwback pic from a scene I did last year where I got to worship the gorgeous Ms. Puma Swede. (Gotta love when it’s your job is to strip down a beautiful blonde Swedish goddess! :) ) <3 <3


Fun fact: After the shoot I took the creepy lil doll we were “fighting” over in the scene home with me because I felt bad that they were just going to throw him away. He’s an abomination, but I love him and he still lives with me…Meet “Woody”. He will forever haunt your dreams. :)


And since I know there are many grieving Whovian ladies out there right now (believe me, I feel your pain!!), I gotta keep things equal around here and add a lil’ Christmas candy to help cheer up my girlies, too…You’re welcome. ;)

12-hasselhof-web (1)

Well, clearly my work here is done. ;) I sincerely hope everyone is having a wonderful, smiley, festive Christmas. On behalf of Woody and the Hoff, I leave you with this holiday greeting:


Happy holiday hugs, everybody!!! :) xoxoxo

Miss Double D-cember is…

…not me. :)

But I’m still 100% glad I did it, and thank everyone who supported and voted for me from the very bottom of my big ol’ booty heart. ;)

Here a few highlights for those who haven’t seen ‘em yet. :)






Believe it or not, I actually had trouble with all my custody stuff because I did this contest. I am perhaps not the most eloquent of people when I’m nervous, so apparently when I did my KROQ interview I didn’t make it clear that I’m not shooting hardcore scenes right now. I honestly was just happy words came out of my mouth, and that they made a reasonable amount of sense. But, literally as soon as I got off the air I got some nasty texts/emails about my wording, and it became a whole big issue. :(

I don’t want to bore you with the details (again ;) ), so I’ll just say that doing this contest reminded me that, while I do obviously have to compromise on some of my viewpoints right now, I can’t let “haters” (for lack of a less-confrontational term) dictate every aspect of how I live my life. I decided to go ahead with Miss DD regardless of any personal problems that arose from my participation, and I’m extremely glad that I did. It’s seriously the most free and “me” I’ve felt in quite some time. I also decided to take a dip in the social media waters again, and have started posting on Instagram:

It’s obviously way more tame than Twitter, so hopefully there won’t be too much anyone can say negatively about it. (My nipples have to be *sexistly* covered on there, for goodness sakes. There’s absolutely NO WAY anyone can count that as “porn”, right? We’ll see… ;) )

Now that Miss DD is oficially over with, it’s time to start getting in your applications for next year’s First Annual Mr. Double D(ong) Pageant. Here’s one of our very first entry vids…This is clearly going to be a VERY tough act to beat, but it serves as an example of the extremely high standards we set here for our Mr. DD contestants. ;) Enjoy!! :)