About Moi

Super Kasey


Name: Kasey Poteet (But if you’re here you’re probably better acquainted with my porntastic alter-  ego, Diana Prince.)

Birth Date/Place: June 6, 1980 (Call me a “milf” and I punch you ;)), Charleston, SC (land of all that is  awesome)

Height/Weight: 5’9″, 120lbs. (Give or take a pound or two every now and then. :))

Measurements: 36C (for now ;))-25-36

Favorite Position: ANAL PILEDRIVER. (Yes, please! :))

If there’s anything else you wanna know, just ask! I’m an open book, and nothing embarrasses or offends me.

Also, I’m a huge dorky geek nerd. That is all. 🙂