Attention =w=orld: THIS EXXXISTS!!!! ;)
Attention =w=orld: THIS EXXXISTS!!!! ;)


Ho-wdy, Super Friends! I have so much rad to update you on, but-t that’ll happen in due time, I ass-ure you. For now, it hath been brought to my attention that some folks might not be a=w=are that this, the Greatest Thing Ever Accomplished by Mankind, eXXXists. (That completely blows my mind, as I just ass-umed the world erupted in peace and harmony the day it was released. ;))

In case you haven’t heard the gospel yet, allo=w=eth me to spread the good =w=ord: WEIRD AL IS IN WEEZER’S VIDEO FOR AFRICA AND IT’S EVERYTHING WE’VE EVER NEEDED IN LIFE!!!!

Bless the Rains. xoxo

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  • I was already sitting here watching it while reading this…..awww it finished. Start it again. And it hath started. Wooo. I must now purchase it so it can go on my Ipod. There’s been nothing new on that since I bought Aha’s Unplugged album and a Halloween Compilation cd that was tenuous at best with some of it’s selection .