Can’t Knock the Hustle.
Can’t Knock the Hustle.

Ho-wdy ho-mies! Been a while since I checked in, but-t so much was happening during Season 1 of The Last Drive In, and I’m only just now getting back to (relative) normalcy…More on all that later, though. Right now, I gots to talk about ho-w darn anxxxious I am about the re-airing of the first marathon. 

I know it’s always available on demand, but-t for the anniversary this weekend I have to…er, I mean, GET to, watch and tweet along. Which would be lovely (the tweetups have been amazing and I super do miss them when the show’s not on), ‘cept I know I was a ho-t ass mess during that loooooooooooong shoot, and I’m cringing just thinking about reliving all the mistakes I made. (And remembering all the comments from folks who were kind enough to write in saying, in great detail, exxxactly ho-w much I sucked and why…Don’t worry, Those Folks. I’m on your side!! ;))

This marathon was the first public thing I did after the whole Depression Era. I was still very much dragging myself out of it while we were shooting, and wanted to quit/run away/hide soooo many times…I didn’t want to let my B Movie Hero down, though, so I just got through it all the best I was able to at the time. (Which -trust me I know-, was not good!! 🙂

Flash Forward to now, though, exxxactly one year later…Things have changed so much. My POV has changed so much…I’m so grateful that the LDI folks put up with me as I was (literally) finding my voice again. And I’m so grateful to all the folks who have reached out to me with their own stories of anxxxiety/depression/BDD, etc. I’m glad we are able to help inspire each other to keep on going, even when everything in us is saying we can’t…

Anyway, as much as I’d kinda like to sweep my part of it under the rug, the OG The Last Drive In marathon will be airing on the anniversary of its original air date, July 13th (starting at 8pm EST). And I will be live tweeting the whole time (from KC Crypticon…Should be interesting… 😉 If you’re around during any part of that and want to tweet at/with me, please do! I will be sharing my BTS tales of nerves and woe that you weren’t privy to the first go ’round. (#Yay? 😉

Ho-pe all is going wonderfully well in your part o’the world…Leave a comment and catch me up, please! 🙂 xoxo

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  • ftig77

    Hey!! Show is amazing. So happy for you and your adventures. Same ol on my end. Just finished woking on Star Trek: Picard and on to the new season of Bosch. Going to see Midsommer tonight!

  • It all has to start somewhere and then grow and flourish and blossom like an Audrey II feeding off psychopathic dentists. Although the feedback might have been less than constructive sometimes you didn’t let that stop you coming back and turning the naysayers into waheysayers. I believe that is the appropriate response to your appearances on screen.

    Remember you didn’t let anything beat you and no one around you will let you be beaten by depression or anxiety. We need to see more of you on Shudder or Shudder will fall into obscurity and go the way of the myspace page.