Everything’s (Not Always) Awesome (But-t That’s OK :)
Everything’s (Not Always) Awesome (But-t That’s OK :)

Today has been kind of a bummer day. Bill Bailey (the kind fellow pictured here…he was truly one of my favorite people to work with :()/Luke Perry/Dr. Vink…*sigh*. You get it. Sadness City. 🙁

But-t I’m being the grownupiest I know how to be and charging on with “life” , despite really wishing I could make this one of those days where I wrap up in my comfy cocoon of =w=eed and Resident Evil (any version) and ignore anything remotely related to “responsibility”.

Alas, I cannot, because #horrordontrest, son! I’ve been trying for the past couple of days to exxxpress the severe anxxxiety I felt after the Last Drive In trailer dropped. As I said in my previous post, if you put yourself “out there” in any way, you will always encounter folks that only want to criticize/put you down. I let some online negativity get to me & drag me (temporarily) into my Sad Zone. I fell into the trap of doubting myself hardcore, and wasted precious time convincing myself that I’m incapable of doing anything. I actually did cut myself off from the world for the better part of the weekend, but-t I forced myself to do healthy stuff (meditate/exxxercise) instead of crying & eating m-ass-ive amounts of cake, as I did during the realllly hard to escape Down Times. (I do miss scarfing down delicious cake, though! 😉

I felt ho-peful as I logged back into the real fake world this AM, only to be greeted by the aforementioned bummer news. I was in shock and cried it out for a little bit, but-t then decided that ain’t nuthin’ keeping me from trekking forward. I am currently on a path that makes me immensely happy, and I’ll be danged if my anXXXiety demons (and a negative comment or 2000 😉 are gonna keep me from pursuing the goals I’ve set for myself.

Nexxxt obstacle on the path to Kicking the shit out of social anXXXiety is SXSW. I am so happy I get to travel and support Mr. JB at events like this, but-t so super nervous about it at the same time. I’m scared I won’t know what to say to people…that I’ll do my dorky derp poses when I try to take pics…say stupid things during interviews, etc. But-t as I’m writing this out, I’m realizing that none of that is actually THAT big a deal. If I get shy/say dumb stuff/take derp pics…who sincerely gives a crap? At worst some folks will be able to say “See? I told you she sucked!!”, but-t at best I’ll get to chat with (and hug!! 🙂 some of my fellow Joe Bob Briggs fans, and let Last Drive In supporters know ho-w much I appreciate them. I think that’s worth the risk of a little embarr-ass-ment. 🙂

I ho-pe you’re able to kick the shit out of any trials and/or tribulations you might be facing this week, Super Friends, and find a way to have a lil’ fun whilst you’re at it. I leave you with this bit o’ #MondayMotivation, courtesy of the updated version of Everything is Awesome. (When the first Lego movie came out, I was so #TeamEmmet…Everything WAS awesome, but-t in the 5 years since, I must say that I’ve become a bit more of a realist, for better or worse. Everything’s NOT awesome, and it’s not always going to be, but-t that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try!! 🙂

Lots and lots of love and hugs to you, ho-mies.

-WyldStyl 2, Electric Boo-galoo

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  • Wait…5 years? That can’t be righ…oh it is. How did that happen? I am not a fan of this time passing without my noticing.

    It’s very easy to get brought down by everything hitting you at once especially when you’ve been trying to recover from it all. It’s like going to bed during a hurricane and then waking up to a tornado and not one of the cool ones with sharks.

    I’m with you on the cake eating days, mine have been crisps. Big bags meant to be shared that I can demolish all by myself. All while playing Fallout 4. My yesterday was Fallout 4, no crisps, just me sat in my Minions jammies ignoring my settlers because they were being so needy. But my reasons for it were all down to laziness and my being off work for the week.

    When I am at work I have to talk to people constantly. It’s actually easier there because they’re in the place where I’m more or less in control. Which is perhaps how you could look at it for yourself. People are coming to your place of work and you have co-workers around you for support.

    I have seen comments about you where people have been a bit negative but your love of horror and knowing your stuff is winning them over. I couldn’t do what you do but you’re doing it and the number of people loving what you’re doing dwarfs the negativity.

    Five years? I’m still getting over that.

  • You are a beautiful and wonderful person. your true fans and friends will always support you beautiful. The anXXXiety demons will always be tough to deal with having been there my self and also currently helping a friend. It does help to talk about it sending you lots of love and cuddles