Lust Letter to Rick Moranis…
Lust Letter to Rick Moranis…

…aka “There is no D(i)ana, only Zuul!!!” 😉


Hiya, Super Friends!! Here are some shots from the Dana Barrett tribute shoot I did a few weeks ago. I wish I had more nekkid shots to share with ya, but we kept getting booted from our locations. All I have to share are the BTS snaps I took, but I assure you I was always nekkid in spirit. 😉

What’d you guys think of the new Ghostbusters movie, btw? I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED it, and hope we do get the Zuul-tastic sequel they teased us with at the end of this one. (The only thing it was missing was a guest appearance by the universe’s seXXXiest Keymaster… 😉


Fingers -and things- crossed that he’ll make an appearance in the neXXXt installment! 🙂 xoxo)











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  • I liked it but I didn’t love it. It was the type of sitcom, cartoonish, humour, that didn’t do it for me compared to the straight humour of the original. I do hope it gets a sequel and even if it doesn’t make it’s money back in the cinemas I think it’ll do well enough on bluray and dvd plus the toys to make it commercially successful enough to do another. I think it could benefit from a smaller budget, force them to work more on the story and dialogue rather than rely on special effects.

    You’re looking pretty stupendous. The outfit and your look are perfectly perfect. Your ninja shoots looks to have an air of danger with the number of times you get chases off. Most likely by the cantankerous old owner who wants to get away with things without you perky kids about. My friend is gathering together everything for a Holtzmann outfit which will no doubt look fantastic.

  • Frankr23

    I still haven’t seen so I’ll reserve judgment until then, but from what I’ve read and heard I don’t think I’m going to be a fan. I was already a little turned off from the start because of the cartoony feel of the ghosts, but I’m still going to give it a chance. A part two does not seem likely since the movie looks like it’s headed for a loss at the box office, and people can’t scream sexism the same way they did when the trailer came out (in a lot of cases it was justified, some of the comment were just fucked up) because women didn’t go watch it. In my opinion Hollywood is pandering to women instead of treating with respect, if I was a woman I’d be pissed at Hollywood for thinking that if they turn male roles into female ones that somehow I’d be okay with it. To me it’s an easy way to not be creative and make fast money. Seriously, how hard is it to make a badass female character or role. Anyways I’m getting off topic, but this would be a fun topic to discuss if you ever want to write a blog about it.

    All I’ll say about the pictures is… You killed that 80s look (which you know I love so you know I’m drooling a little bit right now), I thought no one could ever look better than Sigourney Weaver, but damn you absolutely do (Don’t argue). People are so annoying, if you’re not hurting anyone why care about if you’re naked or not. There are far more terrible things in this world than a naked woman, maybe the day we realize that will be the day we have peace on this planet.

    Anyhoo, love ya homie xoxoxo