Never Meet Your Heroes: The Frankenhooker Edition.
Never Meet Your Heroes: The Frankenhooker Edition.

(Just a repost from my KinkyHorror site, but wanted to make sure as many people see it as possible so I can cease talking about it…I hope everyone is having a very beautiful 4th of July Weekend. I have some rad new cosplay sets I will be posting here over the next few weeks. In the meantime, lots of hugs, love, and happiness to everyone. PS- The Game of Thrones finale was bonkersly awesome, and that’s all that really matters in life. 😉 xoxoxo)


Dear Patty Mullen,

I’m truly sorry that you have chosen to conduct yourself in such an immature (and needlessly public) manner. Since the many people who have given you my contact info have only been met with threatening replies in return, and neither you nor your “representative” have had enough balls to speak with me directly, I figured I’d post this here in the hope that I can settle this ridiculous matter once and all. I’m very much looking forward to “eradicating you from my life”, to use your terminology.

You and I both know that we have only met briefly, once at Monsterpalooza approximately 2 years ago. During our short meeting, I found you to be sweet and charming, and was very happy I’d dragged my “fat ass” out of bed that AM to say howdy to someone I’d grown up thinking was a cool-as-hell. You seemed to be as rad and adorable as I’d hoped the “Frankenhooker Chick” would be, and it just solidified my appreciation of you and your work.

Since I run this site, PURELY as a horror movie fan, and not for profit in any way, I posted ONE blog singing your praises pretty soon after Monsterpalooza. My goal in posting about lesser-known genre actors is to help new generations of horror fans become acquainted with people/movies they might have otherwise overlooked. I’m especially supportive of females who made their living being “hot” in their prime, because I know how cruel folks can be to women after they are considered “past it” (by society’s idiotically sexist standards). I want to make sure women I grew up appreciating as “Sex Symbols” (and, yes, Ms. Mullen, after having been selected as Penthouse Pet of the Year, that description is most assuredly apt), know that many of us still love and appreciate them, even as they grow older and are less in the public eye.

That was my only motivation, ever, for posting about you. There was never anything but good, pure intentions behind it. Since you’ve only resorted to making vague threats against me to “explain” what it is you think I’ve done to “steal” from you, I can only speculate about what it is that got your panties in a bunch. I’ve concluded that you must be upset that I included some of your past Penthouse shots (which anyone can find after a five second Google search) in your post. If this is the case, I apologize, but clearly I would have no way of knowing this was something you didn’t want discussed unless you or your representative told me this. To attack me so personally for presenting publicly available information is nothing but immature and ridiculous.

It’s very, very tempting to post the MANY threatening, completely nonsensical messages you’ve sent people who have contacted you on my behalf during this absurdity, but I am sincerely not trying to make you look bad in any way. I’d honestly rather this needless drama you’ve chosen to create be completely over, so I don’t have to think about you or hear your name (hopefully) ever again.

The way you have been handling things could not be any more wrong, but that’s ok. I’m more than happy to erase any prior mention of you from my site, as you have proven yourself most unworthy of my flattery and adoration. I will always love the shit out of  Frankenhooker but you, Ms. Mullen, are quite a different story.

Consider yourself eradicated.

Your “Twisted Sister”,

Kasey E. Poteet/ Diana Prince  (I have a real name and a stage name. Sorry that’s so baffling to you.)


PPS- A few other reasonably interesting Snaps you might have missed… 😉 xoxoxo






(That last one is sincerely my favorite…SO PSYCHED FOR THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 xoxoxo)

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  • Since I was all sensible over on the other post I think here my only answer to such a call of violence is you have to take this to Thunderdome. Two Horror Starlets enter, one Horror Goddess leaves. Closely followed by the other one since we’re not going mental with this, just maybe the giant cotton buds they had in Gladiators.

    And remember your Snaps are the only reason to have a smartphone.