#PATSNATION!!!!!! (And some other stuff… ;)
#PATSNATION!!!!!! (And some other stuff… ;)

It’s been a pretty interesting week. 🙂














First, I went on a spontaneous trip to Boston in support of Mr. Norm Macdonald (who is too awesome for someone with my limited vocabulary to properly explain, but trust me: Read his memoir, and watch the living poop out of his upcoming Netflix special. I’ve cried all kinds of happy tears over the past few weeks thanks to his peerless comedic stylings; he’s Count Chocula for the soul, basically. ;))









(Added because #rawwwwwwwwwr ;))

I slept through my early-ass flight home the next day, which meant I got “stranded” in Boston for a little longer than expected. That turned out to be an awesome thing, because Boston rocks (even when it’s -5000 degrees, as I assume is about what it was ;)) and I got to go on many Pats-related adventures. Here’s but a taste of the pre-Superbowl excitement. 🙂


I soooooooooo wish I’d gotten to stay longer, but I wanted to get to North Carolina to take my nephews to their first (and only?? I can’t believe it’s shutting down!!! :() Barnum and Bailey circus experience.



























I took a billion pics, but all you really need to know is that they’re adorable, LOVED the circus, and are fascinated by Snapchat…It’s almost like they’re little people!! 😉














Oh! Before Charlotte, I had to come home for a day and got inadvertently caught up in the protests at LAX. It truly makes me so happy that so many folks care enough to make their voices heard this way. I hope that it continues, and we all find a (peaceful) way to make positive, long-term changes happen. 🙂














Back to Charlotte: I left Saturday, and had to make a quickie decision whether to come back home like responsible folks do, or fly to Houston and Super Bowl it up in support of the Pats. I can’t help thinking I made the wrong choice… 😉









I would have ripped out 8 baby teeth to have been part of those festivities, but it’s cool…I found my own ways to celebrate the Pats’ awesomeness, and I’m sure they were just as fun. 😉








































Whether or not you love the Patriots (but, seriously, how can you not??? ;)), I think we can all agree that game was beyond bonkers in the best possible way…GO GOAT!!!!!!!!









Hope you had an amazing week, too, Super Friends…Now on to our next adventures!! 🙂 xoxo

PS- This was prob 2 weeks ago now, but I went to a “Dark Circus”, too. It was no Barnum and Bailey, but still pretty entertaining in its own way… 😉 xoxo






















































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  • Ah so this Norm MacDonald will be popping up on Netflix. I think I might have to watch that if it gets added here. Mostly to scan the audience to see if I can spot you.

    I hope you had a magnificent time taking the kiddies to their first circus. I don’t tend to take my nieces anywhere as it is frowned upon if I don’t bring them back. I’m sure they could find their own way. If pigeons and puppies can do it then so can children.