Thank You, Drive-In Mutants! :) xoxo
Thank You, Drive-In Mutants! :) xoxo

Ho-wdy Ho-mies…Now that The Last Drive In has aired, I wanted to take a sec and be super real about just ho-w much all this has meant to me.








(This “Daughters of Darkness” look was my fave, btw…And that bewildered/terrified look on my face pretty accurately sums up my entire time on set. ;))

Remember back when I talked about ho-w severe depression took over my mind/body/soul last year and I hid away and I literally talked to NO. ONE. for months (eXXXcept my kid, and only bc I HAD to, I reckon… ;)) Well, Mr. Joe Bob Briggs played a big part in helping me get past that dark moment in my life. I’m not eXXXAgerrating when I say I became Angela in Sleepaway Camp: Silent, but-t deadly (and with a slightly less “mangled” penis… ;)).

Since January, though, I’ve spoken with Mistah J pretty much every day prepping for this (and some other rad ho-rror shit we’ve got up our sleeves fer ya ;)). All of this was done on the fly, basically, with zero budget, and Mr. JBB said I’d be super helping him out if I came aboard as his Mail Girl. He knew ho-w uncomfy I’d be with that (the idea of being speaking in front of so many folks, PLUS being compared to all the Gore-geous Mail Gals I’d revered as a youngin’ terrified me), but-t ho-w can you not help out an Icon/Hero when called upon to do so??

So I did it…with miXXXed results, in my personal opinion (so many things to change if we do it again…like learning my lines!! ;)), but-t I’m sooooooooooooo happy that I did. Mr. JBB’s been pushing me out of my comfort zone in all sorts of ways, and I’ve grown so much in the past few months, thanks to him. And it’s not the first time he’s affected me this way.

Back when Monstervision was on, I was one of the many Mutants Joe Bob talked about during The Last Drive In; the ones that needed comfort/escape/ho-pe, and someho-w found it in his “little show” (his words) every week. He made me feel accepted for the weirdo I am, and gave me something to look forward to when everything else around me seemed so bleak. And I’ll be damned if he didn’t manage to do it all over again now. 🙂

This time, though, I got to see just ho-w many other folks out there were/are like me. The way the ho-rror community came together during this lil’ eXXXperiment was sincerely mind blowing, and made my heart soar withhappiness !! I loved chatting with so many fellow Mutants, and sharing so many people’s JBB and ho-rror-related stories. And I got to see firsthand just ho-w touched The Man himself got when he saw that so many people cared about him/the show/and, most importantly, the movies that mean so much to us! (I swear he was tearing up when #TheLegendOfBoggyCreek started trending on Twitter…It was beautiful! :))

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who helped make the show happen, and especially to all who tuned in for it. I love our lil’ community of Ho-rror Freakazoids so much, and feel so blessed (sincerely! :)) to have been part of Joe Bob’s return. Ho-pefully we’ll be seeing all you Fright Flick Freaks again very soon… 😉

So much love,

“Darcy” 😉 xoxoxo

(PS- Thanks to the fine folks at for this pic…The slime effect makes me giddy!! :))

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  • I was somewhat gutted that we didn’t get to see it over here. I tried to set up a VPN to let me watch but it just wasn’t happening. I did manage to keep abreast of the goings on via twitter. From what I could gather people were saying you were awesome. Everything was spectacular and they want you to do it again.

    You managed to survive a live broadcast. Live. Going out in real time. That is a feat to be quite rightly proud of. I hope you were strutting with a sense of magnificence afterwards? Maybe after a nap.

    Woo you’re a trading card now. Ironically it’s a card no one would ever want to trade.

    And since we didn’t get access to Last Drive-In, and you were all warned, we’re sending him back 😛

  • Shane Brown

    You did a great job. I can’t wait for the next one!!!

    • Thank you so much…See you on Turkey Day for Round 2!!!